Saturday, July 26, 2008

Proton Perdana And Harley-Davidson

Hantu Laut

I was right in my condemnation of the quality of Proton cars.The MB of Pahang and Kelantan had also come out and said their Perdanas incur high maintenance costs.

The high costs in Trengganu were not merely because of Proton poor quality, there must be some element of hanky-panky, those individuals in charge of sending the cars for service and maintenance must be in cahoots with the dealers.

Federal and all state departments should also stop buying Proton cars to send a clear message to those in Proton to pull up their socks to improve the quality of their cars.Those guys are resting on their laurels and are quite happy to produce crappy machines.

If Proton wish to continue producing low quality cars and expect to sell well I suggest they send their marketing boys to Harley-Davidson to learn all about marketing hype.How to sell crappy machines at premium prices.

Harley-Davidson image marketing was so good it managed to fool the whole world big bike lovers to buy their crappy over-sized and under-powered machines at mind-boggling prices.It's an image that comes with a big noise of broken tail pipe,masochistic apparels,swollen balls and wannabe Hells Angels. Exhibitionist of the first order on glorified two-wheelers.

Real bike enthusiasts don't buy Harley, they buy other high-end bikes, Japanese or European.

Harley recently bought over M.V.Augusta, one of the finest and highly regarded high-end bike manufacturers dumped by those myopic men in dark suits at Proton a year ago.

Let's hope Harley don't introduce their crappy engineering to those superb machines.

Lastly, the purchase of those Mercedes Benz cars by Trengganu is now a fait accompli and the Prime Minister, if he can't remove the MB, should let it be and allow those cars to be used by the assemblymen.

Sometimes, favours don't come free, you have to buy them.Maybe, the Menteri Besar of Trengganu should enlighten the Prime Minister why he was so generous to the councillars even in time of economic downturn when government should be tightening its belt.

One thing for sure, he knows the Prime Minister can't remove him, he was appointed by the Sultan.

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