Wednesday, August 6, 2008

UMNO:A Ship Without Rudder

Hantu Laut
Is UMNO a political party or a family business or some kind of monarchy system where retiring leaders can appoint their own successors to take over their positions.

Why not abolish the party elections and let the new system takes over and allow everyone from the President down the line to branch chief to nominate their own successors.IT WOULD BE GOOD FOR THE PARTY as there is no need to have an AGM and waste money time and again to conduct its annual affair.

First to the fore was the Prime Minister and President of the party who named his deputy Najib Tun Razak as his successor but needs 2 years for Najib to understudy him before he can confidentally hands over the baton to him.Najib has yet to reach a level of competency to be prime minister.

Than something even more absurd came out of the coconut shell a couple of days ago.Former Minister of Trade and Industry and Wanita Chief of the party Rafidah Aziz announced that her successor is Sharizat Abdul Jalil and that she would be handing over to her in mid 2009, but first, following in the footsteps of the Prime Minister, she must contest in the party elections in December, just six months before she hands over the job. It shows that Sharizat is wee bit smarter than Najib, needs only six months to understudy her boss.

Well, they say great minds think alike, only fools differ.I am not sure whether this is still applicable in today's modern and technological era.It is probably redundant because as we all know the world has progressed much due to people wanting to be different.The scientists,engineers,doctors and most every profession in this world have people that necessitate them to be different from his fellow men to achieve greater height in new discoveries and inventions.

It appears that UMNO has become directionless.It is unable to reinvent itself or make sacrifices for salient changes.It's like a ship that has a captain and a compass but lost its rudder in a storm and drifting aimlessly towards no known direction.

Do you really need to stand for an election just to hold the position for six months? The great minds that think alike didn't see that the fools that differ can read the minds of insincerity and self-servitude. How can the rank and file in the party be enlightened to be servile to party principles and democratic process when the heads apathetically show total disregard for its compliance.

The use of thuggery and violence in jockeying for position has become appallingly vicious.

In Perak a branch committee member was clobbered with a golf club by a fellow committee member upon discovering that his elder brother was not nominated to stand as deputy chairman of the Gopeng UMNO division.In Batu Manikar Labuan police were called in to restore calm and order when a fight almost broke out at the branch meeting.In Sabak Bernam Selangor former Menteri Besar Khir Toyo and his only challenger for the divisional head post are both claiming to have asked ACA to investigate money politics.

All these are not for God and country but for a ride on the gravy train, the exclusive domain of the chosen few.

The one that takes the cake is the report to ACA against the President Abdullah Badawi and Deputy President Najib Tun Razak for alleged abuse of power.The report was lodged by former Youth exco member Datuk Mazlan Harun.Some are probably making trouble for the President to be used as excuses to jump ship when time is opportune to do so.

The party seems to be riotously out of control and Abdullah appears powerless to deal with the thugs, goons and bullies in the party.

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