Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Virgins from the Philipines at Labuan

Virgins from the Philippines at Labuan

Joe Fernandez | Jun 10, 08 4:07pm

All the banks have only one desk in Labuan
which is touted as an International Offshore
Financial Centre (IOFC). No work is
done in Labuan. All the work is done
in KL and elsewhere. Labuan is just
used as an IOFC address.


IOFC is just a big scam to hoodwink
the country and the world.

If you go to Labuan, you will find no
development taking place despite the
newspaper articles written by journalists
in KL. The place is a lot cleaner than it was
many years ago, well landscaped, but that's
about it. The Labuan International Seasports
Centre etc etc, marina and similar developments
are all white elephants sitting in the
sun in eerie silence.

The new international airport is very quiet.
Two AirAsia flights a day from Labuan to KL.
Some other MAS flights, all rip-offs. There
are quite a number of international hotels
and cheaper hotels.

I told the Labuan Malaysian Airports
Berhad chap that I like Labuan Airport because
every time I am there, I have almost the
whole place to myself. Keep it that way,
I told them. It's like being in heaven.
Try the nasi lemak at the only restaurant
at the airport. Booze and chocolates are
cheap (buy in town) because of the free
port status and taxi drivers don't cheat.
Nothing else is cheap. But prices are not
higher than elsewhere.

I am happy for Labuan. No development.
I am anti-development. No crowds.
I am anti-crowds. The people and the
territory somehow manage, despite the
politicians. Now, the big thing is nightclubs
with virgins from the Philippines.
They have been mushrooming.

I think the patrons come from the offshore
oil rigs, Brunei, Miri and Kota Kinabalu (KK).
If you can get a zero airfare AirAsia flight to
Labuan from KL, try to visit the nightclubs.
I haven't been there myself because I don't
patronise such places. That doesn't mean
I am against people who patronise such places.

Labuan is a great place to retire. You have
direct flights to KL, KK, Bunei and Miri.
From KK, you can get direct flights to
many places in East Asia and Australia.
Labuan to KK is only 20 minutes by flight.

Better don't take MAS because it's a rip-off.
Take the ferry and bring your laptop and
some books along. Only RM36 first class to
KK but it takes three hours. Good chance
to catch up on many things. There's an
Atur system on board for telephone calls.

Don’t die without visiting Labuan and
seeing for yourself.


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