Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Halal "Bak Kut Teh" Do They Exist ?

Hantu Laut

Alvin and his sex kitten in tow.

I have not seen the controversial video posted by the sex exhibitionist on the halal "bak kut teh" and whether such dish is available in West Malaysia?

I just have to go by what had been written in various blogs.

Was he trying to insult Muslims in this holy month of Ramadan, or he is just a plain idiot who thought he can make fun with such desecrating joke on other people's religion and gained cheap publicity.

Either way he deserved to be punished.

Halal "bak kut teh" do they exist?

I am not sure of West Malaysia, but in Sabah they do exist, sometimes, called "chi kut teh" made from sea food, though, not certified halal by the authority is considered halal by some Muslims.

We, Muslims in Sabah hardly ask for halal certificate if there is a sign that says "SERVE NO PORK". We trust the eatery wouldn't be so stupid to lie to its Muslim costumers.

In Sabah, we also have another very popular Chinese dish called "ngui chap" joyfully consumed by Muslims and non-Muslim alike without any skepticism whatsoever because almost all ngui chap shops don't serve non-halal dish or pork products.

"Ngui chap" is basically beef soup with mee or meehon, the meat comprising slices of beef, intestines and tendons of the quadruped.

It is delicious and very popular among Sabahans and visitors who want to sample local delicacies go for it and most impressed how such cheap dish can be so palatable. 

You can find some of the "ngui chap" eateries listed on Lonely Planet.

Well, Alvin and his sex kitten should answer the law for their stupidity and kurang ajar attitude.


foo wy len said...

FYI "Bak" means pork, "kut" rib and "teh" literally means tea but here it means a special concoction of herbal soup. So "Bak kut teh" means pork rib herbal soup. "Chi" in mandarin means chicken. "Chi kut" means chicken bone but I'd think chicken will be more appropiate as I believe no one will just eat chicken bone. I hope this will help.

MalaysianFirst said...

"Ba Ku Teh" or "Bak Kut Teh" comes from a hokkien phrase that means; Bak (in hokkien)= meat (in english)= daging (in malay) + Kut = bone = tulang + Teh = tea = teh or "RouGuCha" in mandarin.

What a POOR understanding of language, full of translation errors.(I understand quite a few languages)

The food can be made out of any kind of meat and it can still be classified as Bak Ku Teh.
There is a HALAL Bak Kwa, in hokkien that means daging salai in malay or meat-jerky in english, or RouGan in mandarin. One can find it in the international market.
Anyone that say "Bak means pork", must be extremely delusional, suggest to get a FULL and COMPLETE mental health checkup...
A falsehood NEVER becomes the truth, no matter how far it spreads.

Sara Derocks said...

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