Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nostalgia In Shit, The Hovel Of Kota Kinabalu

Hantu Laut

The pictures below is a Malay kampong smacked right in the middle of the city centre of Kota Kinabalu.This is a ghetto of the highest order.

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I used to live in this kampong some 45 years ago.

Kg Sembulan, is now an indescribable hovel and a horrifying sight and smell.Your eyes and nose behold!

Why has this kampong become such a squalor?

Ask the shameless and apathetic state leaders that have come and go under the BN flag.Ask UMNO leaders what have they done to the NEP? To help the bumiputras or to help themselves.

This kampong is now known as the black area of KK where drugs of all kinds can be found and a hideout and shelter for criminals and illegal immigrants.

No UMNO leaders have made any attempt to redevelop the area or resettle the villagers because they were afraid to upset them that may cost them a few thousands votes.They prefer to let the villagers continue living in the shit-hole to perpetuate their own self-preservation.

Below are the palatial homes of some UMNO leaders.

The palace of an UMNO Sabah minister

The mansion of a youth head of the party

Now, you know where the NEP help goes to.

Can you blame Nazir Razak for saying the NEP was bastardised?


jeremy johnson said...

does borneo sell protein powders

jeremy johnson said...

does borneo have protein powders?